Truck Defender Bumpers

Posted on November 29, 2012

Mike’s Off Road is now carrying Truck Defender Bumpers.

Truck Defender bumpers are manufactured from heavy duty, reinforced 1/4″ aluminum, with a # 8 mirror finish. Each bumper is built on-site at Truck Defender’s facility in Vale, SD and designed for your specific model of truck.

Aluminum only weighs half of what steel weighs, making these light-weight, heavy duty bumpers perfect for 1/2 ton trucks and light duty SUVs. Truck Defender is also the only bumper company currently manufacturing a heavy duty aluminum bumper specifically designed for Ford’s new line of EcoBoost trucks, which require special vents for the intercooler.

If you’re looking for a great looking, heavy duty bumper for your truck or SUV, stop by the shop and check out the Truck Defender bumpers we currently have in the showroom.